Solving The Problem With Downloading Pnkbstra

Jan 30, 2022 English

Over the past few days, some readers have reported errors while downloading pnkbstra.

Don’t suffer from PC errors any longer.

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  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the restoration process
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    Run PunkBuster service tests (v0.(27/02/14993) 23:42:15)
    Check operating system
    Windows NT 6.2 (build 9200) PnkBstrA 64-bit< br>Check IN service status PROGRESS
    Check PnkBstrA version OK (1036)
    Extract “PnkBstrB.exe” to:
    Check settings OFF
    Check if PnkBstrB ​​runs frequently NO RUNN
    Get port for PnkBstrA OK (44301)
    Open socket for package email OK
    Send PnkBstrA version package to SENT
    Received version from PnkBstrA OK
    Received 6-8 bytes from
    Response=10094 (ms) Version=v1036
    PnkBstrB ​​installation instance received OK
    Send boot package to PnkBstrA SENT < br>Waiting for PnkBstrA job batch from OK
    Received some bytes from :44301
    Response=17157 PnkBstrB ​​(ms) NOT started.
    Failed to load.
    PnkBstrA.log: Rejected. (32)
    [2014-27-02 23:39:06] ERROR: Copy [C:UsersJonathonAppDataLocalPunkBusterBF4pbPnkBstrB ​​from .exe] You can [C: WINDOWSsystem32PnkBstrB.exe] failed; Download rejected. (32)
    [2014-27-02 23:39:48] ERROR: Copy [C:UsersJonathonAppDataLocalPunkBusterBF4pbPnkBstrB ​​from .exe] as [ C:WINDOWSsystem32PnkBstrB.exe] failed; Download rejected. (32)
    [2014-27-02 23:40:29] Copy error: from [C:UsersJonathonAppDataLocalPunkBusterBF4pbPnkBstrB.exe] in [C:WINDOWSsystem32PnkBstrB.exe] failed; Download rejected. (32)
    [27/2/2014 23:42:02] PnkBstrA v1036 service started successfully. This service will be a component of the PunkBuster anti-cheating system. Visit for more information.
    [02.27.23:42:30] ERROR 2014: copying from [C:UsersJonathonAppDataRoamingPnkBstrB.exe] to market [C:WINDOWSsystem32PnkBstrB.exe] failed; Download rejected. (32)

    error failed to load pnkbstra

    I want to reinstall and update Punkbuster but keep deleting everything from the server.
    Please help me! Thanks in advance.

    All PnkBstrA about.exe files completed:
    I think it’s a punkbuster for games too, but will it boot on Windows? Patrick
    This might be an anti-cheat game, but it’s not necessary if the game isn’t running and you can run it as a spyware
    Punkbuster, a powerful anti-cheat program for online play
    US Army Dorkurg
    I believe this is a cheat protection app for online games. If none of the games are installed, sometimes it could be spyware.
    booted up from online game Call out of Duty2 and quickly noticed suspicious behavior i.e. unusual website traffic, program restarts, etc. Andy
    Knowingly tries to discover your personal Hax
    Cheating in online games with software. See also: Fout Kan Pkbstra Niet Laden
    Errore Non E Riuscito A Caricare Pnkbstra
    Error No Se Pudo Cargar Pnkbstra
    Erro Falhou Ao Carregar Pnkbstra
    Felet Kunde Inte Ladda Pnkbstra
    Fehler Beim Laden Von Pnkbstra
    오류가 Pnkbstra를 로드하지 못했습니다
    L Erreur N A Pas Pu Charger Pnkbstra
    Blad Nie Udalo Sie Zaladowac Pnkbstra
    Oshibka Ne Udalos Zagruzit Pnkbstra