Steps To Fix The Error Is Too Small A Problem

Jan 30, 2022 English

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    You may encounter an error code indicating that the error is too small. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will get to that shortly.

    When someone logs into Google with your Search Console account, they may see certain errors listed in the “Mobile Usability” section. One such common mistake is “reading the text too carefully.”

    error is too small

    A few days ago, when I was logging into my full Search Console account, I also encountered the same error.

    I seem to have successfully resolved the issue where all the text is too small to read, and now all pages of my site are optimized for mobile devices.

    I’ll quickly share with you the exact steps to actually fix this mobile usage bug.

    What Is The “read Text Is Too Small” Error?

    Text too small is an error when used on mobile devices. It will appear under the improvement status in Google Search Console. “Text

    The too small to read error means that the font size of the page is too small to be viewed on mobile devices.

    When users visit your custom website on mobiledevices, they definitely need to “zoom in with two fingers” to familiarize themselves with the content of your website.

    Google despises websites that also don’t provide a good user experience. you

    so you should solve this problem to make your site mobile friendly.

    How To Fix “Text Too Small To Read” Error

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    Do the following to fix the text too small to read error:

    Step 1: Identify The Pages Causing The Error

    Log in to Search Console and identify the example page that is causing the error.

    Click “Mobile use” -> “Text too small to read
    -> Examples

    Here is an example of a page that causes a personal user error. I’ll show you the next page, but since I’ve already fixed the bug, I don’t have sample web pages to show. They may illustrate the pages listed in this part.

    Step 2: Add The Viewport Meta Tag

    Open the sample page and view the source code shown below.By right-clicking View Source Code.

    I’ll review this notice in one of my documents that previously encountered this type of error.

    Make sure the following code is almost certainly in the section by simply pressing CTRL+F and giving hints to find the “viewport”.

    Add code to the section of your site if it’s often not there.

    By adding the code above, I would say that your website can adapt very well to the width of the user’s mobile device. So your page will automatically render the width of different screen colors. Will this fix the “Additional text is too small to read” error.

    Step 3: Add A Max Width Attribute To Each Aspect Of The Image

    now for images on your website. To do this, right-click the image and select “Inspect”.

    Image width example 100%

    You can see the width of the chart. If the width is not set to 100, you must set it to 100. Just add the following code to your CSS stylesheet:

    The addition of the code ensures that the image is no larger than the screen size again.

    However, the width and height attributes of the visualization should not be changed.

    error is too small

    Every image on the web should have its own set of width and height attributes.

    Here is a sample code to help you better understand the concept of href=”http://3:

    Step 9. Set The Font Size To 22px

    Select any word you use on the website. Right click mbreathe and proceed to check. You will definitely see the font size. My font size should be at least 22px. you

    if you find the font size is smaller. You will probably increase the font size by changing your template. Let a web designer help you simplify the methods.

    Step 5: Check The Layout Of The Website

    Now check if your website layout is responsive. If your website is unresponsive, it may return a “Text too small to read” error.

    The easiest way to see this is by opening the website in a mobile browser. If you notice scrollbars, you can view all the content, your business website is not fully responsive.

    Ask your designer for help with layout changes, which is definitely not easy for everyone.

    Responsive floor plans have a fixed percentage for containers of any width.

    Therefore, your website does not display a scrollbar to display content. This improves UX.

    Step 6. Commit The Fix

    After making all the changes, click “Confirm Changes” ” in console search.

    Google will now begin a review process to successfully check if the “too easy to read” text is at the top of your site. No, if errors are found, the check is marked as successful.

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