Error L121 Keil Easy Fix Solution

Jan 30, 2022 English

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    Last week, some readers reported the occurrence of the l121 angular error.

    error l121 keil

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    *** Error L121

    Wrong fix
    Module: file name (module name)
    Segment: segment name
    offset: address


    After evaluating the absolute fixes associated with it, it is not enabled.accessible. The address is incorrectly replaced with a specific module name,Part class and segment address are displayed. RepairThe order is not being processed. This error occurs when the operator triesHelp to perform memory access, which is within the scope of this guide.(e.g. MOVX @Ri outside of PDATA page or ACALL outside of2 KB policy memory block).


    For BIT SFR alias variables, this error can be caused by an invalid value.Address for the human dentition. The address used is outside the dentitionaddressable area.

    In the case of BIT variables, their address must be between 0x20 and 0x2F.included.

    For SFR variables with bitwiseaddressing address should usually end withto 0 alias 8.

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