Powerpoint Video Problem Simple Codec Solution

Jan 30, 2022 English

This guide will help you when you encounter the PowerPoint video codec issue.

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    But sometimes PowerPoint can’t play embedded videos as well as audio files with the message “Codec not available” or “Media not available rrn.. No codec available” or “Media not available”. Errors can appear when there really is a compatibility issue or an important codec is missing or missing.

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    Many users tend to help you add video or audio components according to their PPT to create a crackle effect. However, some video or audio clips may occasionally appear in PowerPoint with the message “Codec not available”.

    Inhale usually “Codec not available” “Video/Audio or no playback time in PowerPoint” appears when PowerPoint detects unsupported initiated codecs or formats. The following sections analyze these specific causes of each error and suggest appropriate solutions. You

    If you can play media for Windows Media Player, then your PC does not have any codecs.

    Step By Step Instructions To Fix The Inaccessible Codec In PowerPoint

    How do I fix codec in PowerPoint?

    About > Compatibility mode. Optimize media compatibility.The best formats for videos in PowerPoint. Video conversion for PowerPoint.Change the PPT file extension. Change the file extension from .Delete the TEMP files. Delete specific TEMP folder.

    Solution 1: Change some PPT file extensions.

    One more step: change the l file extension so you can use .ppt
    Step 2: Open it in PowerPoint and then save it as a native .ppsx file.
    Step 3: Now the video or audio recording can play normally

    Solution 2: Optimize multi compatibility Media

    You can also use the Optimize Media Compatibility in PowerPoint position to fix this particular unsupported media file. The instructions were as follows:

    Step 1. Click the “File” button on the top bar.
    Step 2. Select “About” > “Optimize Media Compatibility” option will appear if there is incompatible media. inline > select the Optimize option.

    < /div >

    < p> In addition, by changing the PPT image extension and optimizing media compatibility, you will have a unique and easier way to quickly replace your video in a reliable PPT format.

    What codec is needed for PowerPoint?

    mp4 encoded with H.264 video (aka MPEG-4 AVC) and AAC audio. This is probably the best choice for Windows and Mac version compatibility with PowerPoint.

    Reason: Your computer is missing a very important codec.

    Solution. Download and purchase the required 64/32-bit codec pack.

    How To Install What You Need Is This Codec Missing?

    Step 1. Go to the websites free-codecs.com or other website that you believe hosts aCat codes.

    Step 2. Find video codecs. Download LAV filters and the latest version. file.

    alt=”” Step 3: Just follow installation instructions, but be careful if you prefer installed components
    – Check x64 if you have a 64-bit computer
    – Go through all x86 if you are using a 32-bit PC

    If f LAV filters are installed, now you can successfully play video in PowerPoint.

    Reason: According to Microsoft Office World Wide Web Support, YouTube has discontinued support for Flash Player with a cube framework that PowerPoint 2010 will depend on. Error returning to PowerPoint 2010 and later earlier versions of the solution when playing related YouTube videos.

    How about fixing embedded Flash videos that are no longer supported by PowerPoint?

    Solution 1: Upgrade unnecessary PowerPoint 2010 to PPT 2013 or 2016 and become an Office 365 customer. These new versions of PowerPoint inherit the infrastructure of the competing Flash platform instead of HTML5, so they are unaffected in almost all cases.

    How do I fix a video problem in PowerPoint?

    Set media compatibility.Use proprietary presentation software.Check codecs.Make sure the video is often supported.Convert audio file to video file.Set the value of the link.Delete my TEMP folder.

    Re Solution 2: Convert the YouTube URL to a video and paste it into PowerPoint if you are still using the 2010 version. Your

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    Reason. The computer is blocking access to the file from all other devices.

    Solution. Unlock the PPT file.

    Right click on our PPT file > Click “Properties” > Under “General” select “Unlock” under “Security”

    Reason. Many skins display a “Media Not Available” warning when a particular user inserts a new media format that is not supported in PowerPoint. For example, MP4 can have playback errors in older versions of PowerPoint if the file is encoded in such a way that our Windows cannot recognize it. You can check which video formats are suitable for PowerPoint.

    • In terms of formats, the WAV format is more compatible with PowerPoint 2010 and later. In addition, PowerPoint 2016 supports M4A files encoding AAC with audio,
    • for formats, the WMV disc format, which is most compatible with PowerPoint 2010. MP4 files are protected by .264 video and support H.
    • < /str>

    If a person will be annoyed by all the problems, let him fix the existing codec error and the playback problem in PowerPoint, instead of looking for the above solutions one by one, you can instead use VideoProc to convert video with incredibly better quality, solves the problem in no time.

    VideoProc: an easy-to-use video processor accompanied by efficient conversion

    • Maximum input and output video codecs supported;
    • Fast video conversion while maintaining high quality;
    • Supports full hardware acceleration to offload these processors;
    • >Convert videos, audio tracks, YouTube links, DVDs to your desired formats.

    Convert video for smooth playback in PowerPoint

    Convert MP4 to WMV as below will be defined. Quick steps.

    Step 1. Download and install VideoProc for free.

    powerpoint video problem codec

    Step 2. Launch VideoProc > click the Video button.

    < p>Step 3. Tap + Video on the top bar to Tag Video > In each video option below, select a PowerPoint-like value format, such as MP4 > Click Run.

    powerpoint video problem codec

    Convert Video—VideoProc

    How to convert YouTube URL to PowerPoint video?

    Step 1 . Copy the entire module and paste the link into the downloader.

    Step 2. Click “Download Now” under “Convert Video to URL”.

    Step 3 . Embed or embed a PowerPoint video for smooth playback.

    < /rubric>

    VideoProc can be a safe way to correct misconceptions about codec/media unavailability and does not require any training intended for novice users. Besides converting YouTube images to PowerPoint 2010 required by the Flash player environment, the customer can also use VideoProc as a suitable video editing software tool.

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