How To Fix Error T632?

Jan 31, 2022 English

If you’re getting error t632, it’s worth checking out these troubleshooting tips.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the restoration process
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    List Of Error Codes, Page 1

  • Code: 900
  • Description: RIP software.
  • Remedy: 1 Printer POR Restart the specified printer multiple times. If error code 900 is still displayed on the screen, go to step 2. a system board Make sure that the entire system board is properly installed. Connect connector J7 on the connection board. Turn the device off and on several times and wait a few minutes before turning it on and off. If error code 900 persists, go to step 3. 3 Factory settings Restore factory settings. See EP “Restoring Factory Settings”. This will reset our non-critical areas of the user NVRAM. Error If code 900 persists, go to step 4. Below are 4 error codes. Iferror code 900 persists, click Select and Return. Record the complete list of sub-fault codes on the display. Check “Main Suction Printer Fault Codes”. If none of the secondary error codes are listed, email the next level of support or simply call Lexmark.
  • Code: 901
  • Description: engine firmware.
  • Remedy: Indicates that the flash memory directly programmed with system board code is defective. Replace your computer’s motherboard.
  • City code: 902 … 906
  • Description: 902 General Engine Software Error 903 Paperport Link Driver Error 904 RIP Interface Violation 905 Paperport Device Interface Violation 906 RIP Interface Driver Error
  • Remedy: These errors indicate an unrecoverable system software error. Replace engineering map.
  • City code: 910 … 914
  • Description: 910 DC Select Motor DC Select Motor Stalls 911 DC Select Motor Excessive PWM 912 DC Select Motor Tracks Underspeed 913 DC Select Motor Overspeed 914 DC Select Motor None Feedback encoder
  • Remedy: One-bay built-in system, trim kit, or automatic TV connection. Check that the auto-connect cables and cable ties are not damaged. Replace if necessary. Check cable integrity. If it is faulty, replace the compensator assembly cable. If the cables, connectors, and connections are in good condition, replace the plug-in units in the following order: • Maintenance of the auto-compensator assembly • Additional system board.
  • Code: 917
  • Description: Carry throw Indicates a problem in the carry throw area.
  • Remedy: a Transfer Roller Assembly Check the silver transfer roller for toner buildup on the surface, roller damage, oil, or multiple contaminants on the roller surface. Replace the roller gear mainly when necessary. 2 Left transfer arm clatter Check the left transfer roller arm and arm assembly to make sure they are secure and locked in the up position. If the hand is on its ownIf the case is not blocked, make sure it is not broken as a whole and is properly secured around the EP frame. Check the left transmission arm spring assembly part for proper operation. 3 Right Transfer Arm Assembly Check the Right Transfer Arm Assembly to make sure it can be attached and fixed to the floor. If the lever isn’t actually locked, make sure it isn’t broken as a whole and is properly locking the EP frame. Inspect the right transfer arm assembly to make sure it is working cleanly and correctly. For any background problems, make sure that the contact with the HVPS board is good, and usually the resistance of the transfer roller shaft and the HVPS contact is about 0 ohms. If so, try printing in the background. 4 HVPS error – prefix 917. Check voltage at J22-3. The voltage changes from +24 VDC when the printer is idle to 4 VDC when the printer is performing a test print. If the current value is not correct, check the J22-3 passage in the direct sensor wire to the HVPS. If there is also no continuity, replace the TV cable harness. If there’scontinuity, see Replace HVPS. If the problem persists, replace the system board.
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    Erreur T632
    T632 Fehler
    T632 Fout
    Error T632
    T632 Fel
    Errore T632
    Erro T632
    Oshibka T632
    T632 오류