The Best Way To Fix Windows Live Messenger Key Port Issues

Jan 30, 2022 English

It seems that some of our users have received an error message stating that Windows Live Messenger key ports are failing. This issue can occur due to several factors. Let’s discuss this now.

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    I counted the responses on this forum and also found some interesting tips… but there are no real winners πŸ™

    Anyway… I have time to say thank you to the people who often gave me advice that led me to a final new solution to our main common problem! (Thank you very much)


    (Note: This has only been tested on Windows XP… but avoids having to completely reinstall Network Explorer!)

    Step 1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to access “Windows Task Manager”.

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    Step 8: Go to the Processes tab and end wlcomm.exe and/or msnmsgr.exe.

    windows live messenger key ports error

    Step 3: Open Internet Explorer, go to Assets and click on Internet Options.

    Step 4 – Click “More” in the top right corner.

    Suggested steps. Below you will see the inscription “Reset Internet Explorer settings”. Click the “Reset” button, then read the pop-up window. Also confirm the IE reset by simply clicking the second Reset button at the bottom of the Up Place screen.

    Step 6: Once the master reset is complete, open Broad Web Explorer (don’t forget to close Chromium if you’re using it) and go to the “Internet Explorer settings screen” (You don’t actually need to open the Internet Explorer configuration for your homepage/default browser /switch to default search engine)

    Step 7: At this point, close Internet Explorer and open House again (leave Firefox or another browser closed), then open Live/MSN Messenger and log in.


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    windows live messenger key ports error


    Step 8 –

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